Feast of Saint Joseph is Latin Father’s Day

Saint Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary and the stepfather of Jesus.

He was a carpenter by trade and is the patron saint of workers. Therefore, Saint Joseph is also associated with International Worker’s Day on May 1.

San Giuseppe is also the patron saint of Sicily, Italy. Sicilian craftsmen built many beautiful churches in New York City.

Joseph is also the patron saint of the New World, and a happy death.

The Feast of Saint Joseph

March 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day. It is a solemnity in the Catholic Church, the second rank of feasts.

There are many rules about the celebration, and they have changed over time.

Popular traditions include going to church, wearing red clothing, carrying blessed fava beans, and building home altars to the saint. These altars are very similar to Day of the Dead altars in Mexico.

Neapolitan communities eat zeppola pastries on the Feast of Saint Joseph.

Zeppula pastry. Courtesy of Calcagnile Floriano.

Zeppula pastry. Courtesy of Calcagnile Floriano.

El Dia del Padre

El Dia del Padre or Dia do Pai is the Hispanic/Luso Father’s Day.

San Jose (Saint Joseph) raised a child who was not his own, so we honor him as a good example of what a father should be.

Nowadays, many of us have stepfathers or are stepfathers. God bless you!

It’s traditional for children to cook breakfast for their fathers.

The Falla Festival is the original Burning Man

'Natura Mare' photo courtesy of Taronja Satsuma.

‘Natura Mare’ photo courtesy of Taronja Satsuma.

The Falla Festival (Torch Festival) in Valencia, Spain honors Saint Joseph.

Every neighborhood in Valencia spends the entire year building a Falla sculpture. The sculptures are humorous takes on whatever interests the neighborhood that year. Valencia has about 750 of these neighborhood falla groups.

Falle partygoers in traditional dress.

Falla Festival partygoers in traditional dress.

After four days of partying in traditional dress, and eating lots of paella, the Falles are burnt in huge bonfires on March 19.

Saint Joseph in New York City

Two Manhattan churches are dedicated to Saint Joseph.

St. Joseph’s Church in Greenwich Village
371 Sixth Ave, New York, NY 10014

Church of St. Joseph of the Holy Family
405 West 125th St, New York, NY 10027
Manhattanville (Harlem)


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