Salsa Saturdays

Salsa Saturdays is at La Marqueta in East Harlem, Manhattan (El Barrio) on summer Saturdays from 12 – 6 pm. FREE

In 2018, the party was extended to the end of October.

This story was built around the video produced by Laura Castro Lindarte & Cynthia Betubiza.

Salsa Saturdays

Every Saturday afternoon during summer, old timers come to La Marqueta to dance La Salsa the way they did when they were young, before it was even called Salsa.

Young people come to dance too and to see how we danced before it mixed with Hustle (Disco) into New York Salsa on2 (on the upbeat).

Salsa on1 (Cuban and Colombian Salsa on the downbeat) is easy so this is a great place to take your first Salsa steps. If you want to dance Salsa, where else would you want to learn than in El Barrio?

The dancers know how sweet it is to dance with an old timer. They’ve been dancing since they were born.

There’s music, food and people of all ages. That’s a real party.

Salsa Saturdays was founded in 2007 by Celia Ramirez and Albert Medina. Today it is organized by We R El Barrio (Facebook Group).

¡Vamos a Gozar! (Let’s enjoy)

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Salsa Saturdays at La Marqueta

Salsa Saturdays at La Marqueta

Summer Saturdays
12 noon – 6 pm

La Marqueta

1590 Park Avenue
(at 115th St)
East Harlem (El Barrio), Manhattan

NOTE: During La Marqueta’s reconstruction, the party is down at 112th St. It’s still under the railroad, so the party is on rain or shine.


  • (6) to 110th St
  • (4) (5) (6) to 125th St


Metro-North to 125th St

Video Producers

Laura Castro Lindarte

Laura Castro Lindarte is a Colombian – American, NYC-based, journalist who is passionate about politics. She graduated from George Washington University and is getting her Masters at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has written for WETA Public Television, the Hearst Newspaper Washington Bureau and the Washington Examiner. Follow Laura on Twitter at @lauracastrox3

Cynthia Betubiza

Cynthia Betubiza is a Ugandan – American, NYC-based journalist who is passionate about politics, labor, the environment, social justice and the arts. She is getting her Masters at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, specializing in multimedia. Follow Cynthia on Twitter @CynthiaBetubiza 

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