Spring/Break Art Show 2018 at 4 Times Square

The Spring/Break Art Show of curators shows everything from the sublime to real trash. The next big thing may be in there somewhere. Some critics insist this is the best of the Armory Week shows. The next big thing is probably just around the corner. You didn’t see it? Go see for yourself.

The Show takes advantage of unused office space in the City. Clever idea.

7th Spring/Break Art Show 2018

The Spring/Break Art Show 2018 opens with a preview at 4 Times Square in Manhattan on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. The show runs through Monday.

Like the rest of the art world, the 2018 Spring/Break Art Show looks at migration with its theme, Stranger Comes to Town. The theme is based on the adage, “All great literature is one of two stories: a hero goes on a journey, or a stranger comes to town.” The quote has been attributed to everyone from Dostoyevsky to John Gardner.

“Stranger Comes to Town”

I have studied the origins of culture every day for the last five years. Purity is baloney. We mix and we grow. We mix and we grow. It has been like this since the very beginning of life. Migration has been occurring since we got two legs. Anyone who wants to sell you some purity is trying to rip you off.

Spring/Break Art Show 2018 Curators

It’s a monster list, but they should be recognized.

101/Exhibit, Adam Parker Smith, Alaina Simone, Alana-lynn Berglund + Austin Pratt + Tom Wixo, Alexandra Fanning, Alison Sirico, Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Amy Kisch + Charlie James, Anastasia Voron, Andrea Moreno + Kaitlyn Ward, Anna Kustera, Anna Zorina Gallery, Anthony Haden-Guest, Arielle de St. Phalle + Taylor Roy, ArtBridge Projects, ARTSLANT, Asha Veal Brisebois, Azu Nwagbogu, Baris Gokturk, Brigitte Mulholland, Brooke Nicholas, C. Finley, Cade Tompkins Projects, Calli Moore, Calvin Burton, Cameron Coffman + Devra Freelander + Hilliary Gabryel + Claire Lachow + Gracelee Lawrence + Rachael Starbuck, Castor Gallery, Chad Stayrook + Julia Oldham, Ché Morales, Christine Miele, Chashama, Christopher Stout, Dan Halm, Danny Orendorff, David Markus, David Packer, Debbi Kenote + Til Will, Diana Ayala-Carrillo, Dustin Yellin, Emily Davidson + Sam Strand, Equity Gallery, Eric Sutphin, Erin Joyce, Fiona Eltz, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Gavin Runzel, Gregorio Cámara, Heather Bhandari + Courtney Colman + Steven Sergiovanni, Helen Toomer, Henriette Noermark, Howl! Happening, Ian Etter, The Untitled Space, InLiquid Art + Design, Irina Makarova + Alison Sirico, Isaac Aden + Joseph Ayers, Jac Lahav, Jacob Rhodes + Alissa Polan + Kristen Racaniello + Rachel Frank, Jerelyn Huber, Jessica Mensch + Rachelle Dang, Jessica Wallen, John Wolf, Justin DeDemko, Kara Brooks, Kari Adelaide + Max Razdow, Karin Bravin, Katya Valevich, Koki Arts, Krista Saunders Scenna, Kristin Sancken, Ksenia M. Soboleva, Kyle Hittmeier, Laura Bloom, Laura O’Reilly + Alessandra DeBenedetti + Regina Harsanyi, Lee Wells + Erica Ensminger, Liz Collins, Lynn Sullivan + Dominic Nurre, Mari Spirito, Maria Dubon + Mary Ehni, Maria Kozak + Jane LeFarge Hamill, Marie-Salomé Peyronnel, Mark Joshua Epstein + Will Hutnick, Marly Hammer + John Richey, Martina D’Amato + Elizabeth Fodde-Reguer, Maureen Sullivan + John Zinonos, Melinda Wang, Michael Buckland, Michael Gaughran, Naomi Lev, Natalie Kates + Amanda Uribe, Natalie White, Natasha Becker, New Art Projects, Nicholas Cueva, Nico Roxe, Norte Maar, Oklahoma Contemporary, Patrice Helmar, Patrick Mohundro + Anna Tome + Emily Janowick + Jack Barrett, projects+gallery, Queenie Wong, Ramsay Kolber, Raphael Guilbert, Rémy + Kelsey Bennett, Sara Driver, Sarah Potter, Sarah Walko, Silas von Morisse Gallery, SOIL, Son Kit + Sharina Gordon, Thoughtworks Arts, Trevor King + Clara McClenon, Valery Jung Estabrook, Vivian Chui, Wai Ying Zhao, Yulia Topchiy, Zahra Sherzad, Zoe Katz

Spring/Break Art Show Tickets

Tickets are available at the door. Skip the line and buy online.

Collectors VIP Preview, Tuesday, March 6 from 11 am – 6 pm: $50
Opening Night Vernissage, Tuesday, March 6 from 5 – 9 pm: $20
Regular Days: $15 – $50

Get tickets at www.springbreakartshow.com

Visiting the Spring/Break Art Show

The Spring/Break Art Show is at 4 Times Square in, well Times Square. The show entrance is at 140 West 43rd St (between Sixth & Seventh Ave).

Wednesday – Monday, March 7 – 12: 11 am – 6 pm


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