Celebrate Venezuelan Independence Day ~ Cinco de Julio

Venezuelan Independence Day is July 5, 1811. On this day a congress of Venezuelan provinces declared independence from Spain.

Venezuelan Independence Day

Venezuelan Independence Day marks the birth of the first independent country in South America.

Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence was mostly written by Cristóbal Mendoza and Juan Germán Roscio. Today the document is kept in the Museo de la Casa de las Primeras Letras Simón Rodríguez in Caracas.

Venezuelan Independence

The Venezuelan War of Independence was important for several reasons.

It followed the first declaration of independence in South America.

Modern Venezuela was part of Gran Colombia which was most of the northern part of South America including what are now Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, northern Peru, western Guyana and northwest Brazil.

Venezuelan leaders such as Simón Bolívar, Antonio José de Sucre, and Rafael Urdaneta helped liberate the northern section of South America.

Simón Bolívar’s idea of freedom went further than the United States by including freedom for slaves and all people of color.

God bless Venezuela.

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