VolvoTango is Argentine Tango Dancing on a pier with Hudson River views

VolvoTango is one of New York City’s Great Milongas

VolvoTango is an outdoor milonga of Argentine Tango at the end of Pier 45 in Manhattan’s West Village. It is on fair-weather Wednesdays and Sundays.

It’s mostly a Spring-Summer-Fall milonga, but even happens when we have warm days in Winter. In 2017, VolvoTango ran regularly until mid-November.

VolvoTango starts as early as 1 pm and as late as 6 pm, depending on the season. Confirm the time on the day of the milonga at

VolvoTango Pier 45

Pier 45 is at the end of Christopher Street and the West Side Highway. The milonga is under the gazebo at the end of the pier.

Subway or Train

  • (1) (2) or (5) to Houston Street
  • Path to Christopher St


  • M8 to West Street
  • M12 to Abingdon Square (West 10th St)

Support VolvoTango

The suggested donation is $10. Most milongas charge $12-15 a person. Do support Steve, the organizer. He has been doing this for years.

Check the schedule at Steve usually posts the start time on the same day.


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