Whitney Biennial 2019 shows the diversity of American art today

The Whitney Biennial 2019 is at the Whitney Museum in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Wednesday-Monday, May 17 – September 22, 2019. From $18

The Whitney Biennial is the leading survey of what’s happening in American art today. The Whitney’s mindset has really shifted to be inclusive of the diversity that is art in America today.

Whitney Biennial 2019

The exhibition includes seventy-five artists. It is curated by Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley.

Their curation is very awoke. It represents the time we are living in with social changes in race, sexuality and of course around climate.

Panetta and Hockley sought out emerging artists who look back at history to find a sense of community and a way forward into the world we live in today.

They expected to find creative dissonance to match our dysfunctional political moment, but instead found “a deliberate sense of forward-looking optimism.”

The exhibition includes works based in dance and a broad range of performance art. The performance program is curated by Greta Hartenstein.

A catalog is available.

Latin Artists in the 2019 Whitney Biennial

  • Eddie Arroyo from Miami, Florida
  • Colectivo Los Ingrávidos from Tehuacán, Mexico
  • Nicole Eisenman from Verdun, France
  • Daniel Lind-Ramos from Loiza, Puerto Rico
  • James Luna, an Indigenous Payómkawichum, Ipi, and Mexican-American performance artist from Orange, California.
  • Sofía Gallisá Muriente from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Las Nietas de Nonó (Lydela and Michel Nonó) from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • nibia pastrana santiago from Caguas, Puerto Rico
  • Elle Peréz from The Bronx, New York
  • Gala Porras-Kim from Bogotá, Colombia
  • Carissa Rodriguez from New York, New York
  • Mariana Valencia from Chicago, Illinois
  • Agustina Woodgate from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whitney Biennial 2019 Tickets

From $18

Tickets are available at the door or online at whitney.org

Whitney Museum

99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014
(at the West Side Highway)
Meatpacking District, NYC

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