Women’s March on NYC

The Women’s March is about our sisters saying “enough already.”

We march to make our unified voice heard in support of the civil rights of every human regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion or creed.

This should be basic, but we clearly have a lot of work to do in our society, and especially at this strange moment in our country’s history.

It is a presidential election year. That makes your voice more important than ever. March into action.

Women’s March on NYC 2020

Saturday, January 18, 2020 ~ Unfortunately, there are two separate Women’s Marches on NYC. Instead of working together for change, we’ve managed to splinter ourselves. Really, if women can’t get together, what hope is there for all humanity?

Apparently the Women’s March Alliance was the first to organize a women’s march in New York City. Then the national organization that organizes marches in Washington and around the country tried to join forces. A power struggle with ethnic/religious overtones left us with two marches.

In New York City, we are just New Yorkers. Anti-Semitism or any type of racial or ethnic violence has no place in our city.

How New York City Ended up with 2 Competing Women’s Marches (New York Times, January 16, 2019)

We don’t care about politics, just march with your sisters.

And don’t just march. Let this be a pivot into action and a teaching moment for the young. Aren’t we really marching for our children?

Women’s March NYC – Foley Square

The national organization rallies and marches downtown in Civic Center.

Saturday, January 18, 2020 ~ NYC Women’s Unity March & Rally

  • 11am Foley Square

Twitter/Instagram @womensmarchnyc

Info on Facebook or womensmarchnyc.org

Women’s March Alliance – Columbus Circle

New York City’s original organization rallies and marches along Central Park West.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

  • 10:30am line up at 72nd St and Central Park West
  • 11am Rally
  • 11:30am March

Info at eventbrite.com or womensmarchalliance.org

Women’s March – Times Square

We are getting it together in Times Square at 3pm.

The best information we have found for all the Women’s Marches is on Google Maps. Thanks Google.

Women’s March on NYC 2019

The Women’s March on NYC, the sister march of the Women’s March in Washington D.C., was in Midtown, Manhattan on Saturday, January 19, 2019 with a lineup at 10am. FREE

There was controversy in 2019 about antisemitism in the national Women’s March leadership. The Women’s March Alliance is not part of that. The national group held a small rally downtown in Foley Square.

2019 Women’s March on NYC Registration

Marchers are not required to register, but registrants may receive updated March information by email.

The March is organized by the Women’s March Alliance.

Women’s March Alliance Secretary is Sulma Arzu-Brown, a Honduran Garifuna New Yorker. (Garifuna are the last of the Indigenous Carib.)

2019 Women’s March on NYC Lineup

The March lines up on Central Park West at 10am.

72nd St is the main entry point from either Columbus Ave or Central Park.

77th St and Central Park West is an alternate entry point. It is also accessible from the Upper West Side or Central Park.

The disability entry point is from the west on 61st and Broadway.

2019 Women’s March on NYC Rally

There won’t be a rally this year. There will be about a fifteen minute kick-off and the March will begin.

2019 Women’s March on NYC Route

The March starts at Columbus Circle.

It marches east on Central Park South.
It turns south at Sixth Avenue.

The March ends on Sixth Avenue at 44th St, just above Bryant Park. Exits are on 45th and 44th St.

For more information, visit womensmarchalliance.org

Go girl!

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