Ydanis Rodriguez is a Dominican-American New York City Council member

Ydanis Rodriguez is a Dominican-American New York City Council member for District 10 covering Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill. He was elected in 2009. Ydanis is up for reelection in 2017.

NOTE: It’s actually Ydanis Rodríguez. The internet still doesn’t handle accents very well.

Ydanis Rodriguez Understands the American Dream

Ydanis is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who made himself in New York City. He understands and fights for issues that are important to us because he lived our lives.

Ydanis was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic on June 18, 1965. He came to the States when he was 18. Ydanis worked as a taxi driver to put himself through college.

After graduating with a degree in Political Science from City College of New York, Ydanis worked as a high school teacher. He co-founded Gregorio Luperon High School in Washington Heights, a school focused on supporting newly-arrived immigrants from Latin America.

Ydanis was elected to the New York City Council in 2009. He has been working to close the wage gap, enhance workers’ rights, fight for protections for immigrants and build safer communities.

15 Minutes of Fame found Ydanis when he was profiled in Time Magazine’s 2011 Person of the Year article for his efforts in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Ydanis Rodriguez Issues

  1. Transportation safety, efficiency & equity
  2. Preserving & developing affordable housing
  3. Helping residents reach the middle class

Ydanis Rodriguez Committees

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Higher Education
  • Housing and Buildings
  • Land Use
  • Rules, Privileges, and Elections
  • Transportation (Chair)

New York Latin Culture Magazine endorses Ydanis Rodriguez for City Council

We regularly see Ydanis walking the neighborhood and at Dominican Community events. He helped Albania Rosario start Uptown Fashion Week.

New York Latin Culture Magazine endorses Ydanis Rodriguez for New York City Council.

Rodriguez wins 90% of the vote.

Contact Ydanis Rodriguez

Ydanis Rodriguez District Office

618 West 177th Street
New York, NY 10033
917-521-2616 phone
917-521-1293 fax

Ydanis Rodriguez Legislative Office

250 Broadway, Suite 1763
New York, NY 10007
212-788-7053 phone
212-227-1215 fax

Ydanis Rodriguez Web Site


Ydanis Rodriguez Email

You can email Ydanis at yrodriguez@council.nyc.gov

Ydanis Rodriguez Social Media






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