‘Gabo y el Cine’ explores the influence of film on Gabriel García Márquez

Gabo y el Cine is José Luis García Agraz’ 2016 Mexican documentary about the influence of film on Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Gabo y el Cine

A Mexican film about a Colombian author makes sense a couple of ways. First Mexicans and Colombians enjoy one another’s culture. For example, Colombian gangsters like Mariachi and Mexicans love Cumbia. Second, the Magical Realism of Márquez is related to Surrealism which is always present in Mexico.

Gabo y el Cine in New York City

Gabo y el Cine screened at The Americas Film Festival New York in June 2017.

The Colombian Consulate New York in Midtown East, Manhattan, screens Gabo y el Cine on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 6 pm.


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