Septeto Santiaguero plays Brooklyn Museum for Carnegie Hall Citywide

Septeto Santiaguero plays for Carnegie Hall Citywide at the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 5 pm. FREE

Thank you Carnegie Hall for bringing really great music to our neighborhoods.

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Septeto Santiaguero

Septeto Santiaguero is one of the best Cuban son bands working today. They are from Santiago de Cuba in eastern Cuba and play traditional son with contemporary influences.

Cuban Trova, the revolutionary folk music, and several members of the Buena Vista Social Club are from Santiago de Cuba as well.

In fact, some say Septeto Santiaguero is the successor to the Buena Vista Social Club. It makes sense because the Buena Vista Social Club was old timers playing old musical styles. Septeto Santiaguero is younger musicians playing old musical styles.

The lineup is:

  • Fernando Dewar: Tres, chorus and music direction
  • Inocencio Heredia: Vocals and percussion
  • Giraldo Bravo: Vocals and percussion
  • Rudens Matos: Vocals and percussion
  • Alain Dragoní: Trumpet
  • Dairon Robert: Bass
  • Carlos Danger: Bongos, cowbell and chorus
  • Gabriel Montero: Congas

For more information about the band, visit

Cuban Son (Son Cubano)

Son is the root Afro-Cuban music that originated in eastern Cuba in the 19th century and later evolved into what we now call salsa and Latin music.

Its roots are Spanish and African. The vocals and tres (Cuban guitar) have Spanish roots. The clave beat (. . . – . .  or . . – . . . ), call and response vocals, and percussion have Bantu (Central African) roots.

You can dance salsa to this, although the music is not salsa. And you should probably dance Cuban style on 1 instead of Puerto Rican New York Salsa on 2.

Raíz nominated for Latin Grammy

Raíz was nominated for a 2017 Latin Grammy for ” Best Traditional Tropical Album.”

Septeto Santiaguero releases Raíz at Joe’s Pub

The band celebrates the release of their new album Raíz by launching a U.S. tour at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in Manhattan’s East Village on Monday, July 28, 2017.  Shows at 7 pm & 9:30 pm. $15-20

Septeto Santiaguero plays Lehman Center

Dominican Salsa singer José Alberto “El Canario” joins Septeto Santiaguero at Lehman Center in The Bronx Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 8 pm. Tickets $50-$125.

Septeto Santiaguero makes their U.S. debut at Midsummer Night Swing

Septeto Santiaguero. Courtesy of the artists / Lincoln Center.

Septeto Santiaguero. Courtesy of the artists / Lincoln Center.

The band makes their U.S. debut at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing in Damrosch Park Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 7:30 pm. Carlos Mateu gives a Son Cubano dance lesson at 6:30 pm. Free.

Tributo a los Compadres earns Grammy Nomination

Tributo A Los Compadres: No Quiero Llanto  was nominated for “Best Tropical Latin Album” at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2015.

Septeto Santiaguero’s Tributo a los Compadres wins Latin Grammy

Tributo A Los Compadres: No Quiero Llanto  won a Latin Grammy for “Best Traditional Tropical Album” in 2015.

Septeto Santiaguero’s Vamos Pa’ La Fiesta nominated for Latin Grammy

The band’s Vamos Pa’ La Fiesta was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Traditional Tropical Album” in 2013.

Septeto Santiaguero’s Oye Mi Son Santiaguero nominated for Latin Grammy

The band’s Oye Mi Son Santiaguero was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Traditional Tropical Album” in 2011.

Septeto Santiaguero is from Casa de la Trova

The band was founded in 1995 by Fernando Dewar at the famous Casa de la Trova nightclub in Santiago de Cuba. The nightclub is something of a shrine to traditional Cuban son. They still play there today in 2018.

The band’s name means “septet of men from Santiago de Cuba.”


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