U.S. Women’s National Team plays Republic of Ireland

The U.S. Women’s National Team plays a World Cup Semi Final against England in Décines-Charpieu, France on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 3pm ET.

The first ladies of football won it all again and entered the popular consciousness in a way that women’s sports never did before.

New York City Ticker Tape Parade

U.S. Women's National Team Ticker Tape Parade. Courtesy NYC Mayor's Office.

U.S. Women’s National Team Ticker Tape Parade. Courtesy NYC Mayor’s Office.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 ~ The world champions parade up Broadway from the Battery to City Hall at 9:30am. The Parade will followed by some grandstanding at City Hall from 10:30am – 12pm. FREE

2019 Women’s World Cup France

Long ranked #1 in the world, we are on track to win it all again. Let’s support the first ladies of football (and yes, women should be paid the same as men).

Megan Rapinoe emerged as the face of the team when she was quoted in an interview earlier in the year saying “I’m not going to the f—— White House.” We agree and support you Megan. This White House defaces everything it touches. You and the U.S. Women’s National Team are better than that.

Final ~ US 2-0 Netherlands

July 7, 2019 ~ Rapinoe and Lavelle had all that was needed in a Women’s World Cup Final that ran a soccer ball into our lives more than any other soccer game or women’s team.

Semi Final ~ England 1-2 US

July 2, 2019 ~ On her birthday, Christen Press who was in for an injured Rapinoe, put up the first points in 10 minutes. After an equalizer, Morgan put the game away at 31 minutes. Goalkeeper Naeher

The Big Matchup in the Quarter Final

France 1-2 US
This was the big game between the two strongest World Cup teams. France dominated possession, but couldn’t penetrate the U.S. defense. Megan Rapinoe scored a double.

Group Stage

  • June 11 ~ US 13-0 Thailand
  • June 16 ~ US 3-0 Chile
  • June 20 ~ Sweden 0-2 US
  • June 24 ~ Spain 1-2 US

U.S. Women’s National Team

This is the 2019 Women’s World Cup France roster.

No Latinas here, but it doesn’t matter. This is our game and we support our team. Put your daughters in soccer. These women are leading the way.

The U.S. Women are paid World Cup bonuses about one-tenth of the men. Come on FIFA and U.S. Soccer, it’s long past time for equal pay.

Many of the players are developing side gigs of their own. Buying their stuff is a way you can support the team and the first ladies of football. We link each player’s name to their Instagram so you can support your team.






J. Ellis has done an incredible job building a team with confidence, savvy and depth.

In spite of having one of the strongest offenses in football, switching into a five-person back line to protect leads has been brilliant. You have to wish the men played so well.

U.S. Women’s National Team Trophies

We are the Women’s World Cup defending champions.

Women’s World Cup

  • 2019 France
  • 2015 Canada
  • 1999 USA
  • 1991 China PR


  • 2012 London
  • 2008 Beijing
  • 2004 Athens
  • 1996 Atlanta

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